Hisham Alasad

Hisham Alasad, Interim Chair

Auckland, New Zealand

Hisham enjoys interacting with people, loves the sea and is a proud father of two sons.

He can be found jogging at the crack of dawn on the shores of Auckland when he is not busy juggling work, family, volunteering and studying. Hisham is of a Palestinian background. He studied electrical engineering and holds two Master’s degrees – one in computer science and another in business administration with a focus on strategic management. He was invited to present at the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) conference in Geneva at a young age and was the youngest country representative at the conference.

Hisham’s most cherished moments are when he is teaching his sons life skills, educating them about creative and critical thinking and at the same time learning from them. Hisham volunteers with associations that champion community, social and human rights causes. He believes that every individual has a level of social responsibility towards others, especially towards vulnerable individuals who require protection and support. 

Hisham holds a senior role in the banking industry and is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science and Creative Technology; he is quite passionate about research and making discoveries. He perceives his continuing education journey as a long-term investment for the community. His goal is to be able to advocate for human rights and empower the vulnerable on a wide scale in order to spread justice and equality across the unimaginable.