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Khadija bint Khuwaylid (RA), the principle inspiration for the establishment of the Network was the first to accept Islam. In the midst of global negative perceptions and stereotypes around the status of Muslim women, few are aware that the first person to accept Islam happened to be a woman. She was a successful business woman, a philanthropist, a mother and a leader.  She was Muhammad’s (PBUH) employer, then his much older wife, and Muhammad’s (PBUH) greatest confidant and advisor.

As Muslim women globally advocate against the stereotypes laid upon them, Khadija (RA) is a critical role model in our history to keep at the forefront of our minds as we resist and revive our status in society as ordained by God. Unfortunately, there is little in the way of records apart from the posthumous accounts of Muhammad’s (PBUH) life (sīrah) and teachings (hadith) that provide us with a small opening into the exceptional woman she was.

What we have to work with though, is sufficient to reclaim our rightful status, challenge perceptions, and lead in today’s world in an equally remarkable manner as she did during her time.  Founded in October 2017 by Tayyaba Khan, Khadija Leadership Network (KLN) is her dream to see the status of Muslim women in society revived to the actual teachings of Islam. Many of the world's problems today could be resolved, if we had better leaders.  And, everyone is a leader with their own path to pursue.  We seem to have misconstrued the responsibility of leadership that falls upon each one of us to a framework of hierarchy and individualism. The Network was established to challenge your ideas of leadership, and support you in being a better leader in the world. 

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