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The Christchurch Attacks

The Christchurch Attacks: Blight on New Zealand’s Secret Services by Khalil Dewan.  | View Report

“ZSIS begin by saying ‘you’re not working for us’, but then force you to travel to different places and report on people”, Abdullah Haytham, 32, Auckland1

“As soon as I converted to Islam in 2008, the ZSIS wanted to speak with me. I’m not sure whether they get a notification or how they find out about people converting – maybe they’re monitoring social media!” Daud Lane, 38, Auckland 2

“Muslims in New Zealand feel vulnerable because of Islamophobia, even from the justice system. Muslims feel it even in clinics, hospitals, schools, work, public space and all venues of interaction”, Yousuf Ibrahim, member of the Muslim community. Auckland 3

“Islamophobia has been an integral part and parcel of the lives of Muslim New Zealanders since 9/11. The difference is that in the New Zealand context where once it (Islamophobia) was subtle in nature it has now got to a point where terrorism such as the Christchurch attack is the reality”, Tayyaba Khan, New Zealand based Muslim, and founder of KLN. Auckland 4