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Muslim leader speaks out against ACT's free speech proposal

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Muslim women who met at a trans-Tasman conference in Auckland say Islamophobia is worse now than it was before the Christchurch terror attack.

Organisers of the conference plan to launch a nation-wide anti-discrimination campaign. 

Lawyer Pakeeza Rasheed is the chairperson of Khadija Leadership and is a leader in the Muslim community. She is also a member of the Human Rights Lawyers Association Aotearoa.

When asked about the ACT Party's Freedom to Speak Bill, which would repeal parts of the Human Rights Act, Rasheed told Francesca Rudkin it sounded very confusing and couldn't understand why such a change was necessary.

"I have to have confidence in the New Zealand public they will see through such a ridiculous proposal that will only work to weaken our current legal system."

Rasheed says we already have serious shortcomings when it comes to protecting minorities.

"I think Seymour's proposal and from Don Brash and the free speech coalition is reflective of the bubble they live in.

"I hope in the wake of what happened in Christchurch, people realize we need to strengthen our laws, not weaken them."

First Published on Newstalk ZB