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Helping Hands

It's an overwhelming and scary time in the world with COVID-19 consuming our lives if not here, then with our connection to family elsewhere. Given our knowledge, experience and expertise of the communities we come from (migrant, former refugees, those on work visas, faith-based and international students), we know that these communities will be significantly impacted by COVID-19 and in different ways.

This project combines our existing strong relationships as organizations, and niche areas of expertise that would allow us to deliver a wrap-around, culturally-sensitive service to members of our communities during this difficult period.

We have a qualified social worker who can support you with your queries and refer you to appropriate organisations as needed. Call the helpline, fill out the form or email Maryum on

What happens next once you fill out the form, and provide supporting documents? 

Once a person applies for assistance, our social worker checks all the information that you have shared to assess if:

  • You are Zakat eligible
  • You are eligible for the fund you have applied for

We are only able to make a decision within days if you have provided us with all the information we need. Your application may suggest that you qualify for other assistance, or support and we will make those referrals accordingly.

Note: We reserve the right to decline your application should we deem it does not meet the criteria. We will discuss this with you.

This project is a partnership with Pearl of the Islands Foundation and Who is Hussain – Auckland 

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Helping Hands