Panel: Women of Color in Politics

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In recent years there has been a global spike of women of color stepping into politics. However the changing nature of our population is not reflected in political representation.

So the question to ask is whether political representation for women of colour is important, particularly at the tail end of global movements like #BlackLivesMatter? If so, why are so few pursuing this course? Or maybe a more pertinent question to reflect on is what are the challenges for women of colour in politics? Add to this mix if you are of a religious group - does a political career become easier, or harder?

The Khadija Leadership Network in it's strategy 2019 - 2021 committed to investing in greater civic participation by Muslim women with a focus on supporting Muslim women pursuing their political ambitions particularly in local government. For the first time in New Zealand's history last year we saw four Muslim women run for local elections across New Zealand. In 2020 we have had one Muslim woman make in on a party list. By the next local elections we aspire to support more women to stand for political representation and succeed.

This critical korero was us planting the seed towards our aspiration