Persevered Identity

Preserved Identity is a social enterprise that aims to preserve the Palestinian identity, culture, heritage, and traditions while empowering refugees and donating meals to the children of Gaza.

Mariam is originally from Tulkarm, West Bank, Palestine. She, along with her husband Ali (who is a talented artist and does all the artwork you will see on display at events and markets), run this social enterprise.

Their drive and motivation to run Preserved Identity stems from always having a deep-rooted connection to Palestine, being passionate about the cause and wanting to educate and bring awareness; the need to have a Palestinian voice and IDENTITY present. The frustration and disbelief at what is happening in Palestine was consuming them and it became about doing something about it; turning that frustration and passion into something that can make a difference at a humanitarian level.

Preserved Identity’s ambition is to preserve the Palestinian identity by bringing Palestinian products and culture to the global platform. Support them here.